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A happy life is made of adventures and fun moments. And if it's in nature, even better.
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Explore beautiful rapids descending aboard an inflatable boat. An activity that mixes adrenaline and safety. It can be practiced by anyone - family and friends.

Some trips you can do:

  • q Turvo River Rafting Family I (Barra do Turvo city)
  • q Turvo River Rafting Family II (Barra do Turvo city)
  • q Turvo River Rafting Adventure (Barra do Turvo city)
  • q Turvo River Rafting Full-day (Barra do Turvo city)
  • q Pardo River Rafting (Barra do Turvo city)
  • q Betari River Rafting (Iporanga city)

Other adventures


Water trekking

Hiking through water, rivers and waterfalls, walking on rocks and sand, it's a way to be in touch with the Atlantic Rainforest. You can enjoy natural pools and splash some water. And if you have the courage, you can also go on a 23-feet-rappel.

Some trips you can do:

  • q Water trekking Ribeirão Bonito
  • q Water trekking Salto São Miguel

Kayak and ducky

Descending rivers and rapids with rigid or inflatable kayak (ducky), alone or with a friend. On the kayak, you need technical knowledge of paddling and river reading, besides your own gear. The ducky is easier and it doesn't require any prior knowledge. Adrenaline and fun guaranteed.

Some trips you can do:

  • q Ducky Rio Turvo
  • q Upper Turvo Kayak
  • q Extreme Turvo Kayak

Boat Fishing

Fishing in an inflatable boat on the Pardo River. Up to three hours of fishing in the early morning or late afternoon, which are the moments of higher incidence of fish. If you're lucky, you can see and fish some “dourado”, known as a good fighter of the river.

Adventures Headquarters


Weekend fun requires an overnight stay in nature. For adventurers who want to spend the night, we have a camping area with restrooms, a kitchen and a lot of hospitality.
Besides the camping area, we also have a cozy cabin on the riverside. Here you can relax after a full day of adventures. For those who want to live an exclusive experience, we have a weekend itinerary based on adventures, full of activities and tours. Here we guarantee you'll be having fun, as well as hearing lots of stories and having good food.

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Where the adventure happens


We are in Barra do Turvo city or Iporanga city, near Petar (State Park of Alto Ribeira), known as the caves capital. To get here, you can come from Curitiba or São Paulo by car. Check below to see where we are in google maps.

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    Estrada da Barra do Turvo, Km 21, Bairro Reginaldo - Barra do Turvo, SP. · (41) 99928-2493 · (15) 99120-4645